Young CBHA residents in a garden

CBHA is cracking down on tenants who sub-let their homes

CBHA is cracking down on tenants who sub-let their homes, and have caught three cases in the last few months with a new data-match system.

In one of these cases the tenant had been illegally renting it out to a third party for the last six years.

Head of housing services Michala Jervis said: “Sub-letting is a criminal offence, as well as being a breach of the tenancy agreement, and we take it very seriously.

CBHA can now easily run a check on properties to highlight high-risk cases which are then looked into.

“Sometimes people who are registered with us as a tenant sub-let the property and live and own a home elsewhere,” said Michala.

The recent sub-letting amnesty, which gave tenants the chance to hand in their keys with no action taken, passed with no-one taking advantage of it.

Michala said: “Since then, we have caught three tenants so far and our message is, if you are illegally sub-letting, watch out because we will find you.”