Young CBHA residents in a garden

Residents living in CBHA neighbourhoods may have received a leaflet from the ‘Friends of CBHA’ that made a number of allegations about Peabody including that it is trying to get rid of CBHA.

Friends of CBHA is not part of CBHA and has no connection with it.  

Since joining the Peabody Group in 1996 CBHA has worked closely with Peabody to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality services for local residents in Waltham Forest.   Peabody reviews its operation and relationship with CBHA once every three years’ and such a review is currently underway. Any proposal to change the relationship between the two organisations requires the approval of Peabody’s Board and the CBHA Board. At this time no formal decisions have been taken by either party.

Residents and stakeholders including the local authority will be consulted before deciding on any proposal that significantly affects CBHA and its residents. If you have any questions about this process please contact the Peabody Communications Team at