Young CBHA residents in a garden

What happened after a tenant visited CBHA's employment and training adviser.

Resident Joyce Mutungwa has been inundated with job offers and secured employment, following a revamping of her CV by CBHA employment and training adviser Sheila Gammans.

Registered nurse Joyce, 63, lives at CBHA’s sheltered accommodation Doreen Capstan House. She was unable to work from 2005 due to medical problems but started looking for work again in 2009.

“I was applying everywhere, sending off my CV and applying online but I could not find a job. Then I went to Sheila at CBHA who helped me bring my CV up to date,” said Joyce.

Since then, she has had numerous job offers. “Some have offered me work on the strength of my CV alone, without even interviewing me!”

Joyce accepted a part-time position as a nurse at Forest Care Village nursing home. She is also now registered with an agency to cover hospital shifts.

She added: “I am ever so grateful to Sheila for her help. I would recommend anyone looking for work to get the support that CBHA is offering.”

However, Joyce is not the only person the Employment and training team have assisted:

Former security guard Dan Rampadaruth has now also started a new job, again thanks to help from CBHA. Khalid Fysal helped Dan, 70, secure a position at a children’s nursery.

Khalid said: “He was employed during the Olympics but had been looking for work since then. Now he is responsible for reception, the security of the building and children at the nursery. He is delighted.”