Young CBHA residents in a garden

Swift, effective work by CBHA and PGM in partnership has avoided the possibility of loss of life and safeguarded their residents against serious injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Following an alert from a carbon monoxide detector, a CBHA resident made contact with their landlord to investigate and rectify the cause of the issue. A high reading of carbon monoxide was confirmed and the gas capped by PGM, however the source of the leak could not be found in the property in question.

CBHA took the initiative to authorise for PGM to conduct a test for carbon monoxide at their expense in an adjacent private house belonging to a freeholder. After gaining entry to the neighbouring property, a high reading of carbon monoxide was confirmed, a fault in the boiler found and the boiler capped to prevent serious injury and possible fatalities.

Due to the high level of carbon monoxide detected, the collaborative and decisive work of CBHA and PGM resulting in a swift resolution of the issue, averted serious incident and possible loss of life. We can confirm that none of the family members from either property has experienced side effects as a result of the boiler fault in question. This clear example of effective partnership working, outside the direct realms of responsibility, ensured the safety of both CBHA residents and their neighbours in a situation where time was of fundamental importance.   

Carbon Monoxide has no taste, smell or colour but it can kill quickly or cause long term health consequences.

The importance of annual testing and servicing is not to be underestimated for everybody- leaseholders, freeholders, residents and neighbours alike. Servicing your gas boiler once a year and installing a carbon monoxide alarm can safeguard yourselves, your family and neighbours against future incidents. Clear preventative action regarding gas safety can avoid needless loss of life.