Young CBHA residents in a garden

In December 2015 we wrote to all CBHA residents asking for feedback about our proposal to change the way that the Peabody Group is set up.

We explained that we want to simplify the Group's corporate structure and bring Peabody Group's three social housing landlords – CBHA, Gallions and Peabody – together into one charitable organisation. Thank you to those of you who took the time to tell us your views.

What has been decided?

The boards of CBHA, Gallions Housing Association and Peabody have considered all the feedback, along with other factors. We believe that, on balance, the merger is in the best interests of each organisation as well as current, and future, residents.

Creating one landlord will bring a range of benefits including: more homes; more resources for community programmes;  better value for money when we buy goods and services; and improved decision-making. This will leave us with more time to focus on what really matters to our residents.

We have published a booklet which covers this proposal in more detail – you can download this here (pdf, 4mb)

Next steps

The Charity Commission supports our wider proposals and has now given its consent for us to take the first steps in the merger.

We plan to complete the merger later in the year and will update this website as we progress. We will write to residents again when the merger is complete.