Young CBHA residents in a garden

We recently held our annual lunch to thank residents for their work with us - and also launched a new strategy there.

Around 100 residents from Peabody, Gallions and CBHA attended a special lunch at the Oxo Tower on 14 September as a 'thank you' for the huge contribution they make to the Peabody Group.

Chief Executive Stephen Howlett, left below, gave a speech in which he thanked guests for their support in helping us improve services for our residents and communities.

Resident involvementCBHA resident Shazia Ramzan, right, won a tablet in a raffle at the event. She is seen above with Stephen Howlett, Peabody's Chief Executive 

New resident involvement strategy

At the event, David Newsome, Head of Resident Involvement at Peabody, announced Peabody's new strategy for resident involvement which sets out our commitment to engage with and involve residents in shaping the services that we provide to them.

Our focus is to listen to residents' views and aspirations and to ensure that they are able to influence future service delivery. You can download that strategy below:

Resident Involvement Strategy, 2015-18 (pdf, 2mb)

David said: "Peabody has a great basis of local involvement, which we want to build on and strengthen over the next year.”