CBHA residents

What antisocial behaviour is, how to report it, and how CBHA will respond.

CBHA believes that people are entitled to live free from nuisance and harassment - we take every complaint very seriously. 

Examples of antisocial behaviour include:

  • Noise
    Examples include: playing loud music, using DIY tools at antisocial hours, banging and slamming doors, allowing dogs to bark continuously.
  • Environmental issues
    Examples include: fly-tipping, storing rubbish in gardens and dog fouling.
  • Nuisance behaviour
    Examples include: graffiti/vandalism, verbal abuse, physical abuse and riding motor bikes on public footpaths.
  • Harassment
    It is not acceptable to use intimidating behaviour, violence or the threat of violence against another person. Abusive language is also unacceptable.

CBHA has a special team to deal with anti-social behaviour issues. Any information you provide is completely confidential and will not be passed-on without your permission. You can report anti-social behaviour by contacting our team on 020 7922 8500 or sending an email (services@cbha.org.uk).

If a criminal act is involved (for example: assault, threats of violence, damage to property), you should also report it to the police.

Depending on the case, there are a variety of things we can do to address the anti-social behaviour, including:

  • Formal warning
  • Injunction/possession order
  • Acceptable behaviour agreement
  • Antisocial behaviour order (to ban someone from an area)

Advice on dealing with antisocial behaviour

It’s important that you try and collect as much evidence as possible to help us take action against anti-social behaviour. Here are some ways you can help us to take action:

  • Photos
    Take a photo of anything that could be used as evidence.
  • Details
    Keep an accurate and detailed timeline of what has happened. Also, please describe the effect the anti-social behaviour had on you.
  • Witnesses
    Write down the names of anyone who witnessed the behaviour.
  • Police details
    If you called the police, write down the police officer’s name and Case Reference Number.

If you want more information, or you want to report antisocial behaviour, contact your housing manager or CBHA's antisocial behaviour team on 020 7922 8500 or email services@cbha.org.uk.

Policy document (PDF)

In an emergency, you should always call 999 and ask for the police.