All about the CBHA repairs service


Reporting a repair – how can I get something fixed?

Contact us - report a repair

To report a repair to your property, or to a shared, communal area - for example: lights and door entry systems - there are several options (see below).

Lift repairs are an exception. If you need to report a lift repair, please contact the CBHA Asset Management Team on 020 7922 8500. If anyone is trapped in the lift, please call the emergency services on 999.

Call 020 7922 8500 and select Option 1 or email

In an out-of-office-hours emergency, our phone number is still the same: 020 7922 8500. You will be redirected to our emergency 24 hour service.

Other useful phone numbers:

  • Smell gas? Call 0800 111 999.
  • Electric sparks? Call 0800 022 4040.
  • Flooding? Call 0800 022 4040.

Local area office
Pop in to your local office and let us know what needs fixing!

On this site
Log into your online account and click on ‘Report a repair’.

Write to: Repair Request, CBHA, 433-443 High Road, Leytonstone, London E11 4JU.

If a repair is urgent (for example: a danger to people or property), please make sure you speak directly with someone either on the phone or in a local area office. This is the only way we can guarantee immediate attention.

Your details – let us know about you and the repair

When you contact us to report a repair, please make sure you can provide us with:

Your details
We will need your name, address and telephone number.

Location & nature of issue
Please give us as much detail as you can about the problem is and where it is.

Access details
When will be able to get in and do the work?

Special issues
Do you have any hearing difficulties, or will you need some time to get to the door?

Organising the repair

Once you have contacted us, we will let you know if the repair is our responsibility or yours. If it is our responsibility, we will give you details on:

Repair or inspection order number

We’ll let you know how soon we are able to do the repair. Repair requests are put into groups, based on how urgent the repair is considered to be.

If the repair to your property is rechargeable, we’ll let you know before repair is organised.

Repair receipt and customer reply card
We’ll send these to you, so you have a record of the repair and can also let us know if you were happy with the service.

During and after the repair

When we’ve arranged an appointment with you to carry out the repair, please remember these issues:

Keep your appointment
Please stay in (or let us know if you have to go out) for any appointments made. If a contractor can not get access to carry out the repair, it might be delayed by several weeks).

Keep children and pets safe when our contractors come to carry out the repair.

Customer reply card
Please return your customer reply card, so we know what you think about the repair.

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Speed of response – when will my repairs be done? 

Depending on the urgency and risk to health and safety, different types of repair will be carried out within different timescales. When elderly or vulnerable residents need special treatment, we will prioritise their repairs.

We have six levels of priority:

Priority Response (we’ll try to contact you within…)   Completion (we’ll try to complete the repair within…) Examples 
1. Emergencies 2 hours 24 hours  Bad leak or flooding, live electrical wires, wet electrics, insecure front door, blocked toilet (if only one toilet in the property), no heating, no hot water 
 2. Urgent
but non-emergency
24 hours   3 working days Overhaul cistern, minor leaks

 3. Standard

3 working days  10 working days  Renew kitchen sink or bath, replace flooring. 
 4. Routine, non-urgent  5 working days  20 working days Replace kitchen units, fencing
 5. Capital works 10 working days.  30 working days.   
 6. Planned maintenance and refurbishment works 10 working days 60 working days   

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Service agreement - for repairs and maintenance

You have told us that the repairs service is one of CBHA’s most valuable to you. That’s why we aim to carry out high quality repairs as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency helpline is available on: 020 7922 8500. Examples of an emergency include: no heating, no water and leaking pipes.
We expect contractors to meet our high standards at all times, this includes:

  • Keep appointments
  • Display identification
  • Respect you and your home 
  • Tidy up after themselves
  • Provide value for money

To help us deliver an excellent service, we expect all our tenants to support us in these ways:

  • Report repairs promptly
  • Keep appointments
  • Treat our staff and contractors with respect
  • Allow access to carry out works

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Paying for repairs - is the tenant or landlord responsible?

Tenant’s repair responsibilities 

You will be charged for repair or replacement of items if the damage is caused deliberately, by your own neglect or by your visitors and members of your family.

Possible examples include:

  • Damage - smashed windows or broken doors
  • Locks – changing locks if you’ve lost your keys, or being let into a property if you’re locked out

If CBHA staff assess your repair as being caused in this way, you may appeal the decision by using the CBHA’s complaints system.
Repairs you are responsible for:

  • Flooring - removal of flooring materials laid by yourself (examples: laminate or tiles, prior to other repairs being carried out)
  • Kitchen - installing kitchen equipment (examples: washing machine, dishwasher, cooker)
  • Vents, extractors and filters - cleaning front of vents, extractors and filters.
  • Sinks - unblocking sinks (where this can be done by using a plunger) *
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Bathroom - bathroom cabinets, towel rails (excluding radiator towel warmers), toilet roll holders
  • Bath - bath panels (subject to inspection). *
  • Shower - shower hoses and heads *
  • Mirrors, sink and bath plugs and chains, light bulbs and tubes
  • Doors - replacing internal door and cupboard handles and knobs *
  • Door numbers - front entrance door numbers
  • Doors - adapting doors for carpets
  • Doorbell - batteries for bells
  • Keys - lost or broken keys
  • Security - fitting of burglar alarms or security measures (which must be approved by the CBHA and installed by a professional)
  • Fixture and fittings - any fixtures or fittings you have installed
  • Plaster - minor cracks to plaster (up to 5mm)
  • Misuse or neglect - any damage caused by your own misuse or neglect
  • Draught excluders - draught excluders *
  • Fittings - maintaining fittings not provided by the CBHA
  • Curtains - curtain rails and battens
  • Carpets
  • Wardrobes - free standing wardrobes.
  • Fencing - trellis to fencing * 
  • Garden - garden paving, planting, lawns, sheds (except for health and safety repairs)
  • Painting and decorating - internal painting and decorating *

Although you are responsible for these repairs, you can contact your local area office and ask them to order these works for you. Please note: we will not organise any unnecessary work that is not to repair damage and or avoid danger.

*Where all occupants of your home are either elderly and/or registered disabled, CBHA will carry out any of the above repairs marked with an asterix (*) without charge. CBHA has a tenancy support service to support you in organising repair work.

Landlord’s repair responsibilities 

The CBHA is responsible for the maintenance of:

  • Structure and exterior of the building - roofs, walls, floors (excluding coverings), ceilings, windowsills and frames, doors and door frames, locks, skirting boards, drains, gutters, external pipes, gates, fencing, pathways, stairs and handrails.
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures - basins, sinks, toilets, baths (including taps)
  • Electrical wiring
  • Gas and water pipes
  • Heating equipment and water heating equipment

If you live a flat, the CBHA is responsible for any internal communal areas, such as: stairs, lifts, landings, lighting, entrances, entry phone systems, paving and shared gardens.

Garden sheds - as your landlord, we have a health and safety responsibility to make garden sheds safe if they get into a condition where they might cause injury (this may also include removal) but we are not responsible for their day-to-day maintenance or decoration.
Criminal damage - if you think that damage done to your property was caused through criminal activities, you should report it to the Police and also contact CBHA.

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Home contents insurance and gas safety inspection

Home contents

You are responsible for insuring your belongings. We strongly recommend that you get home contents insurance for all your belongings, including carpets and other floor coverings, decorations, furniture, clothing and other valuable items that you own or are responsible for.

We have arranged for our residents to have access to low-cost home contents insurance. For more information, please ring housing services on 020 7922 8500, or visit your local area office.

Gas-safety inspection

By law we must carry out a gas-safety inspection every year to make sure the gas appliances we have provided (such as the boiler) are safe. 

These checks are free to tenants and take no longer than 1 hour. These checks will give you the benefit of:

  • Safety – a registered engineer will check that all gas appliances are safe and they will give you a copy of their gas safety record
  • Cost savings – we make sure you boiler is working efficiently, so you can save money on your heating costs

Access - It is essential that we have access to carry out these safety checks and that you have credit for your gas supply. In extreme cases, we could conduct a compulsory lock change to gain access so we can carry out these essential checks. CBHA will recover any costs that incurred if we have to take action to gain access.

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Gardening and shared areas

We employ contractors to maintain our shared areas. Some of the things these contractors do include: mowing lawns, removing weeds, pruning, mulching, pesticide treatment to protect plants, looking after plants and planting.

Each resident is responsible for maintaining any private garden of their own. However, help is available for vulnerable residents. Extra support is available for vulnerable residents through our Tenancy Support team. We will also offer support for residents who have problems with neighbours.

We carry out regular estate inspections to monitor health and safety issues and to ensure the areas are well-maintained. Please dispose of your rubbish and recyclables using the appropriate bins. Rubbish should not be left in shared areas as it is unsightly and unsafe. Please help to keep the shared areas clean by not dropping litter.

The council can arrange to collect large items - please contact them on 020 8496 3000 for more details.

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Pest control

Pests can include mice, rats, cockroaches and ants – for more details, see your Handbook. If you have any concerns about pests in or around your property, please contact CBHA immediately (call us on 020 7922 8500, or email

If you find pests in your home or in shared areas and it is CBHA’s responsibility to get rid of them, please contact CBHA as soon as possible – we will arrange for treatment.

Homeowners are responsible for dealing with pests that are found in their own property, but please call CBHA if pests are discovered in any communal areas.
You can report a problem by calling CBHA on 020 7922 8500 or sending us an email:

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